The best websites and companies for remote customer success jobs

If you’re looking for a remote customer success job then you already know that the way we work has changed forever: 

  • 68% of Americans expect to work remotely in the future
  • 64% of millennials want jobs that allow them to work from home
  • 82% of millennials say that they would remain more loyal to their employers if they had remote flexibility

Its not just employees that want to work remotely. Companies benefit from this trend too. Studies show that working remotely makes workers more productive, reduces their stress and improves their morale. Remote companies can avoid exorbitant office fees and get to recruit from a global pool of talent.

Unfortunately, the fact that there are more remote customer success jobs than ever before doesn’t mean it’s easy to get hired. Competition is fierce. The first (and arguably most important) step is finding the right vacancies for you.

The best remote customer success job boards

While we are the only job board specifically dedicated to remote customer success jobs, there are a lot of good job boards for remote roles in general where you can filter for customer success.

So do these job boards provide enough jobs? I’ve taken a quick look back over the last month. In a month, between them, these job boards posted 160 remote customer success/support or service roles. Not too bad…

But far from perfect, especially once you break the numbers down.

Of the 160 jobs posted, 45% of them required you to be based in the USA. Even if you live in the USA, many of the jobs still required you to be in particular state(s) or to be available for particular hours.

If you’re not based in the USA 33% of the available jobs still had some regional or time zone requirements.

Remote Customer Jobs with location:time requirements

What does this mean for someone looking for a job?

An average of 40 new jobs are posted on these job boards per week. Almost 20 of them are based in the USA and of the remaining 20, many will have regional requirements of their own.

Average number of new jobs per week

The pool of suitable jobs is further reduced by the levels of experience or technical skills required and whether you like their culture / company / product.

By now you’re probably looking at a very small number of jobs, if any, that you’re actually interested in/eligible for.


If there aren’t enough suitable jobs in your pipeline then it’s going to take you longer to get a job.


So what can you do? Well, I don’t think that the jobs posted on these job boards represent all of the remote work that’s out there.

We’re working hard to give you as many options as possible, but if you want to find more then you’re going to have start looking at individual company job/careers pages.

There are quite a few good lists of distributed companies available (see the end of this blog for some more links) but we’re building our own database too.

The top companies for remote customer success jobs 

You can expand it, order it by 100% remote or semi-remote, by HQ location or by timezone required. You can also click through directly to their careers page rather than their home page (unlike on other lists). You’ll be surprised how much time that saves when you’re looking at dozens of companies. It’s a work in progress but we’ll be adding to it every week.

So what should your weekly process be?

1) Go through the job boards – select the most suitable roles.

2) Spend an hour or two working through the jobs/careers pages of relevant companies.

3) Refine your list of suitable vacancies. Get rid of any roles that don’t excite you. You only need to find one job, therefore, don’t waste time on applications that aren’t completely right for you.

Get out there and start applying

With all of these resources you should have found plenty of remote customer success jobs. The next task is to narrow down the list to the ones you really want and that you’re qualified for. Plus you need to take a look at our guide to writing a superb remote customer service application.

Please add any comments or ideas that you have for improving our list/resources. We want to keep it an active document to help job seekers. If you hire remote customer success workers or have a job board that should be included please let us know and we’ll add you to the lists.

Some good lists of distributed companies:

We Work Remotely – Remote Company List:

Remote In Tech: – Remote Companies list:


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